WOMEX 2021 - Porto

Our trip to Porto is just around the corner. On Saturday, 30.10. we will play on the big stage of the Coliseu, starting at 21:45. Whoever has the chance, come support us! Tickets are available here:
Of course we are a bit excited. Four weeks later we are going to Skopje for this year's PIN Conference, also a showcase festival.

June 2021, on the road again!

We are all healthy, some have been vaccinated, others have been sick with Covid and have recovered. And finally we are allowed to give concerts again. Online projects, that's not for Hudaki! In June we are going to Poland for the wonderful Mazurki Festival, and we are giving our first real concert in Khust. In July we are looking forward to Graz in Austria, and some work on our repertoire here in Ukraine. In August we finally go to Switzerland again after one and a half years. And the coming autumn still offers many surprises that we are not allowed to reveal yet!!!


Still alive, February 2021

After what feels like a hundred years of forced break, we are looking forward to concerts in spring 2021!
We start in Switzerland, travel on to Austria, to Germany and then soon on to Kyiv and our dear friends in Zhovid, Chernihiv. Please keep your fingers crossed that we really get to travel and perform!

February 2020

Slowly awakening all from hibernation. 

In reality we are working together with Araceli Tzigane of Mapamundi on our concert tours, and Hudaki will be seen in many countries in 2020. We are planning performances from Poland, Romania to the most western corners of Europe.
Soon you will get more information, a little patience!

End of August Hudaki will take part in Lucerne street music festival, that's for sure actually, see you in Switzerland! )